Agrilogic International Solutions is a Seller's mandate to facilitate commodity transactions using our extensive experience in the commodity markets. We bring a 360-degree view into any transaction successfully. Our team is dedicated to provide professional services and access to a variety of sought after products, we have strong relationships with producers and producer associations giving us cutting edge over our competitors. We take our business seriously and only work with transparent end Buyers and who complete transactions successfully, we take precautions to ensure business between the Buyer and Seller is as transparent as possible.

Understanding Markets

Commodities are so dynamic that prices change dramatically from day to day or even hour to hour. When markets are on the move, we have a clear understanding of the factors that make up the commodity price and how to systemically develop a plan for the purchase. We provide a practical direction of evaluating fundamental and technical information that impacts the commodity. First we want to know and study the price history and other relevant data to generate a window on the future to reach a sourcing strategy. We provide concepts of managing commodity buy and sell decisions and using your inventory levels as a means to buy over a time period at price levels averaging below the market as well as how to negotiate concessions from suppliers of the cash commodity. We deliver processes as an experienced sourcing company to understand the key steps leading towards a well thought out sourcing plan for a commodity, including how to negotiate favorable price concessions for the Buyer.

Stepping “Outside of the Box”

Collaborating with specific suppliers to determine a price method not in line with usual market mentality.

You do not want to disturb or change an entire market, only your portion that may lead to a competitive advantage.

Methods of buying outside the box

1. Formula pricing

2. Rebate pricing

3. Negotiated firm discounts off traditional pricing

4. Historical pricing with maximum levels established

We fully understand the commodity market components to think outside the box for the best opportunity to develop an effective commodity buy plan. In addition, going beyond traditional thinking can lead to successfully negotiating concessions from suppliers leading to competitive advantages. Developing a plan as a living document for various scenarios will assure that changes in market conditions have been anticipated and the plan contains adjustment conditions to reflect market changes. With the proper sourcing plan in place, the Buyer can be rest assured that any changes in market conditions will be anticipated and final purchase will be achieved.